Comprehensive Tests of Technical Facilities


  • Acceptance, periodic, qualification, type and other tests of technical facilities are conducted with the aim to assess conformity of a product with regulatory documentation when the product is at the stage of its introduction into production process or at the stage of its manufacturing and sale;
  • Tests are conducted with the aim to determine technical characteristics of a product when considering its technical level or taking decision about its launch, etc.;
  • Comparative tests are conducted with the aim to obtain objective data on product quality and consumer properties.

Product Tests:

  • Functional parameters;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
  • Safety (electrical safety, fire safety, SAR);
  • Resistance to external factors (climatic, mechanical, electromagnetic fields, etc.).

Product Test Schemes:

  • Standard schemes for conformity assessment of products with regulatory requirements;
  • Customized schemes (according to the Customer Program following the requirements established by a Customer);
  • Customer conducts tests independently (renting the CC testing facilities);

Test results can be further used by a Customer to generate a technical file to declare the corresponding products in the EU countries and in the USA.